Why Do You Need a Business Coach?

If your business is realizing consistent growth and profitability, you may not need a business coach. If you're experiencing stagnant growth, or flat lining as a business, then an experienced business coach will provide strategic thinking and planning to get the business back on track with growth and profitability.

Why Choose Steve Barnes and Peak Performers?

Steve Barnes brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients, with over 25 years of experience. Steve is a strategic thinker, an intuitive listener and has a great ability to uncover the areas where a business is leaking money. He is a straight shooter and won't candy coat the truth. He creates comprehensive plans to correct the areas in which the businesses are failing, and benchmarks to measure success going forward. If your business is experiencing stagnant growth, Steve Barnes and Peak Performers will do the same for you!



Steve Barnes and I worked together on an executive sales team. I was impressed how he effortlessly applied his extensive experience to the team without ever being overbearing, or threatening. He thoughtfully listened to each team member, acknowledged their successes and planted seeds to help overcome the shortcomings. He created an incredible sense of empowerment for the team members. Black and white answers are easy. Coaching people through the gray areas to help them find the right answers on their own is a talent. Steve showcased that talent. To this day I often refer to those lessons learned, both in a personal and a professional sense.

Dennis Vojvodich, VP of Sales, New York, New York


I have worked with Steve Barnes several times and think highly of his work skills and work ethic. He is a great listener and problem solver, all the while maintaining a positive attitude. Steve will be a great asset to your organization. He will use his business experience and coaching skills to get the desired results for your organization.

Bob Baker, Principal Owner, BMW Realty Advisors, Manhattan Beach, CA