Why Do You Need a Life Coach?

It is not uncommon for people to face obstacles, challenges, or plateaus that they cannot overcome on their own. Typically, this breeds frustration. A certified life coach can look at the obstacles, or challenges from a different vantage point. The coach will create a plan to remove the obstacles, the frustration, and assist his client in getting beyond the obstacle. A great coach will also provide encouragement, or a gentle kick in the butt when needed.

A great example of the value of coaching can be found in Michael Jordan. Many consider Jordan to be the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael has said that without his coach at the University of North Carolina, Dean Smith and his coach with the Chicago Bulls, Phil Jackson, he would not have attained the elite level he had during his career.

Why Choose Steve Barnes and Peak Performers?

Steve Barnes brings a wealth of experience to his clients. Steve has over 25 years of experience.  Many of the things that Steve's clients face, he has had to overcome himself. He is a strategic thinker, an empathetic listener and great supporter of his clients. He is dedicated to the success of others. As the author of You Are The Great Creator Of Your Life, Steve looks forward to helping you as his client create the life you so richly deserve!


I would highly recommend Steve Barnes as a life coach. He is honest, is a good listener, has great advice (but doesn't push an agenda) and has a great attitude about the world we live in. Steve brings a smile into every door he walks through. Many people are "book smart", but don't deal in reality. Steve deals in reality and is not afraid to speak the truth. If you are considering a life coach, hire Steve Barnes. You won't be disappointed!

Ross Cohan, Top 1% Nationally Broker Associate, Shorewood Realtors, Redondo Beach, CA



Steve Barnes demonstrates life coaching at its very best. He has an overwhelming passion to coach and mentor others. Steve helps individuals to identify and then achieve their goals. He is very approachable, very patient and communicates very well.  Steve understands that every person and every company is uniquely different. He uses different techniques to build his client's confidence and to achieve their goals. I routinely reach out to Steve when I am facing a problem. He provides me with "outside the box" recommendations and solutions.He has a talent for seeing things from a different perspective.  I would highly recommend Steve Barnes as a life coach, as he is second to none!

David Wesby, PMP, VCU Medical Center, Richmond, VA